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Journal Papers

Ahmet-Hamdi Cavusoglu, Xi Chen, Pierre Gentine, and Ozgur Sahin
Potential for natural evaporation as a reliable renewable energy resource
Nature Communications 8, 617 (2017).
• Major media coverage: Discover, Gizmodo, Popular Mechanics, MIT Technology Review, and Popular Science

Xi Chen, Davis Goodnight, Zhenghan Gao, Ahmet-Hamdi Cavusoglu , Nina Sabharwal, Michael Delay, Adam Driks, and Ozgur Sahin
Scaling up nanoscale water-driven energy conversion into evaporation-driven engines and generators
Nature Communications 6, 7346 (2015).
• Highlighted in Nature and Science Now
• Major media coverage: NBC News, PBS, BBC, The New York Times‎, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Scientific American, and Discover Magazine

Xi Chen, L Mahadevan, Adam Driks and Ozgur Sahin
Bacillus spores as building blocks for stimuli-responsive materials and nanogenerators
Nature Nanotechnology 9, 137-141 (2014).
• Highlighted in Science
• Major media coverage: The Wall Street Journal and Discovery News

Xi Chen, Stephen Guo, Jinwei Li, Guitao Zhang, Ming Lu and Yong Shi
Flexible piezoelectric nanofiber composite membranes as high performance acoustic emission sensors
Sensors and Actuators A 199, 372-378 (2013).

Jinwei Li, Xi Chen, Weihe Xu, Chang-Yong Nam, and Yong Shi
TiO2 nanofiber solid state dye sensitized solar cell with thin TiO2 hole blocking layer prepared by atomic layer deposition
Thin Solid Films 536, 275-276 (2013).

Weihe Xu, Jinwei Li, Guitao Zhang, Xi Chen, Richard Galos, Hamid Hadim, Ming Lu, Yong Shi
A low-cost MEMS tester for measuring single nanostructure’s thermal conductivity
Sensors and Actuators A 191, 89–98 (2013).

Xi Chen, Shiyou Xu, Nan Yao, and Yong Shi
Young’s modulus determination of unpolled electrospun PZT nanofibers
Science of Advanced Materials 4, 847-850 (2012). (Invited)

Xi Chen, Anton Li, Nan Yao, and Yong Shi
Adjustable stiffness of individual piezoelectric nanofibers by electron beam polarization
Applied Physics Letters 99, 193102 (2011).

Xi Chen, Jinwei Li, Guitao Zhang, and Yong Shi
PZT nano active fiber composites for acoustic emission detection
Advanced Materials 23, 3965–3969 (2011).
• Featured as Frontispiece

Jinwei Li, Xi Chen, Nan Ai, Jumin Hao, Qi Chen, Stefan Strauf and Yong Shi
Silver nanoparticle doped TiO2 nanofiber dye sensitized solar cells
Chemical Physics Letters 514, 141-145 (2011).

Xi Chen, Shiyou Xu, Nan Yao, and Yong Shi
1.6 Volt Nanogenerator for mechanical energy harvesting using PZT nanofibers
Nano Letters 10, 2133-2137 (2010).
• Major media coverage: Science Daily, PhysOrg, Nanowerk, and Physics World

Xi Chen, Shiyou Xu, Nan Yao, Weihe Xu, and Yong Shi
Potential measurement from a single lead ziroconate titanate nanofiber using a nanomanipulator
Applied Physics Letters 94, 253113 (2009).

Book Chapters

Xi Chen, Nan Yao, and Yong Shi
Mechanical Properties Characterization of PZT Nanofibers
Nanocantilever Beams – Modeling, Fabrication and Applications, eds. Ioana Voiculescu, Mona Zaghloul, Pan Stanford (2016).

Xi Chen, Nan Yao, and Yong Shi
Energy Harvesting Based on PZT Nanofibers
Energy Efficiency and Renewable energy through Nanotechnology, eds. Ling Zhang, Springer Series in Nanoscience and Technology (2011).

Xi Chen, and Yong Shi
PZT Nano Active Fiber Composites Based Acoustic Emission Sensor
Selected Topics in Micro/Nano-robotics for Biomedical Applications, eds. Yi Guo, Springer (2012).